IMPORTANT DATES : > Payment of ESI of Sep : 21/10/2014      > Payment of VAT & WCT TDS under MVAT for Sep : 21/10/2014      > Deposit of VAT & CST Tax for month/quarter ended Sep : 21/10/2014      > Submission of MVAT return for month/quarter/half year ended Sep : 21/10/2014      > Issue of DVAT Certificate for deduction made in Sept : 22/10/2014      > Filing of Half Yearly Service Tax return. ( April to September) : 25/10/2014      > E- Return of VAT for the quarter ended Sep : 25/10/2014      > Furnish advance information for functions in Banquet Halls,hotels etc. where food &/or liquor items supplied &booking cost > Rs 1 lakh per function for 1st fortnight of November : 27/10/2014      > Submission of return in Bank-1 form,All scheduled Banks having branches in Delhi & engaged in business of silver, gold, repossessed vehicles for quarter ending October 2014 : 28/10/2014      > Filing of Return verification form DVAT-56 for (all Dealers) quarter ended Sep 2013 : 28/10/2014      > Return of TDS for Sep quarter in DVAT-48 : 28/10/2014      > Balance Sheet in XBRL format : 30/10/2014      > Balance Sheet in Non XBRL format : 30/10/2014      > Issue of QuarterlyTDS/TCS certificate for Sep quarter : 30/10/2014      > TDS returns for Sep Quarter for Govt. deductors : 31/10/2014      > Return of Monthly Profession Tax (Liability equal to more than Rs. 50,000) : 31/10/2014      > Payment of monthly profession tax (Liability greater than equal to Rs. 50000) : 31/10/2014     
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Gulshan Gulati & Associates is a Chartered Accountancy firm established by CA Gulshan Gulati with the core objective of providing professional services to its esteemed clients.
The Firm provides comprehensive professional services which include Accounting, Expertise in Direct Taxation, Internal and Statutary Audits, Tax Audits, VAT and CST Consultancy, Management Consultancy, E-Filing of Income Tax, VAT and CST, TDS and Service Tax Returns and Secretarial Services.
The firm is also Registered User under MCA 21 Project for Corporate Clients and ACES Certified Facilitation Centre of Central Board of Excise & Customs for Service Tax Assesses.
We are committed to :
  • Place the Interest of Clients before ours.
  • Uphold High Standards of Honesty and Integrity.
  • Endeavour to Improve the Quality of Services.
  • Excellence in Professional Services.
  • Continuous Education and Training of Staff and Clients.
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